Mob Wives: New Blood, Season 4 Episode 4

Renee is out to dinner with her son, AJ, & his girlfriend. Michael is on his way because Renee wants him to meet AJ. Too soon, Renee! What has it been? Two dates?! Michael was late, but Renee forgives him because he is hot & dresses well. He “does” music videos for rappers. What does that mean? He directs? Produces? AJ is being kind of rude & uh-oh Michael’s not eating because he has a dinner meeting to attend later on that night. Whaaa?! Aww hell no! Homeboy is halfway out the door. Renee apologizes for her behavior the other night with Natalie, who had the nerve to compliment Michael on his cologne. Michael & AJ start to bond over Renee’s insane temper. Michael leaves for his “dinner meeting”. Wow. Things aren’t looking good.

Natalie & her bf London are getting tapas. They start talking about the night Renee went ham on her for saying Michael smelled delicious. Even London tells her that she shouldn’t curse at Renee, because she’s from a different world. The old school gangster world. Natalie thinks that Big Ang & Drita should’ve came to her defense. Is she delusional? Natalie said that she is a younger version of Renee, therefore, is not going to put up with the bull. London tries to talk some sense to her, specifically for business purposes. Natalie is the face of Mob Candy. Not a bad gig, so she should really be more humble to her boss.

Big Ang, Alicia, Drita, & Renee are at a golf course to eat. Drita is mad at Lee because he is not helping her renovate the house. Alicia says that they are all in need of a girls weekend, but she needs permission from her parole officer because she is on bail. Only on Mob Wives people, only on Mob Wives. They decide on Las Vegas & I cannot wait because you know sh*t’s gonna get cray cray. Alicia says that she is going to invite Natalie. Sh*t’s about to get even cray cray-zier.

Renee is going off about how Natalie acted the other night. She is blaming Natalie for Michael distancing himself from her. She feels that Natalie should have called her to apologize. Her rules are 1. Don’t ever disrespect her & 2. Don’t ever do anything rude to anyone around her. Drita said that Natalie seems like the kind of girl you want to go away with for a girls weekend, but she is also the kind of girl your husband NEVER wants you to go away with for a girls weekend. Big Ang, ever the optimist, thinks it’ll be alright… as Renee talks about burying Natalie in the desert.

Drita is at the home improvement store because Lee ain’t sh*t. Lee calls her & tells her that he doesn’t give a f about the home renovations & he ain’t doing sh*t. Drita uses this as a leeway, pun intended, into bringing up the girls trip to Vegas. She needs a vacation, Lee. Lee is mad he can’t go anywhere because he is on parole, so he isn’t too happy about being “Mr. Mom” while Drita vacations with her girlfriends. Uh, Drita was “Mr. Mom” & “Mr. Dad” for many years while your ass was “away” so, I think you can handle it, LEE.

Alicia’s boutique is being featured at Philly Fashion Week, so she is preparing for the show. Natalie is there to watch. I like Natalie & Alicia’s friendship. It seems genuine. Alicia invites Natalie to Vegas, on the condition that there is peace. Natalie says that she has apologized multiple times to Renee. At this point, the “He smells delicious” comment talk is getting ridiculous. Let’s move on, Renee people. Natalie says that she has a man & is not into Michael, because he looks like a turtle. I happen to love turtles, & think they’re adorable, so yea. Anyways, Alicia says that Renee thinks it is Natalie’s fault that Michael is distancing himself from her & Natalie says that she doesn’t blame him! She then agrees to go to Vegas.

Big Ang picks up Renee to go to Vegas. Awesome! I thought I would have to wait until at least the next episode for sh*t to go down. Renee is in a crappy mood over Mob Candy, being the boss, juggling everything, Natalie drama, etc. Renee is stressed out & having anxiety. She wants to take a couple Xanax to calm down. Not good.

Alicia & Natalie are on their way to Vegas too. Natalie says that her nickname is “Vegas”. Natalie says that she is going to tune Renee out. Easier said than done.

They arrive at the Sky Villa at the Palms hotel. They have an elevator in their room! And a pool! Renee starts getting her drinkS on. Emphasis on the capital S. Big Ang is worried about the 8 Bloody Marys Renee had on the plane. Damn, girl. Renee is drunk & starts dropping things while saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Big Ang tells her that she needs to get over Natalie & the delicious comment. Yes, please. Renee starts bugging out, talking about drowning Natalie in the pool. Natalie better watch out! And she better not even think of saying the word “delicious” the entire trip.

Drita arrives & she is ready to gamble. Drita can’t get over how gangsta the suite is. Big Ang & Drita catch up on Renee’s drinking. Big Ang says she is scared that Vegas is NOT the place they should’ve taken her. I was thinking, “Ya think!”, just as Drita said it. Swear to God.
The ladies head to dinner as Alicia & Natalie show up. They feel like they got the crappy rooms. The ladies are all gambling & Renee & Natalie are keeping a safe distance from each other. Until Renee starts talking sh*t & giving Natalie dirty looks from across the room. Renee is slurring her words & is one big hot mess, as Alicia put it. Everyone is trying to stay clear of her. Renee decides to call it a night & goes back to the suite. On the way up, she mutters to herself, “I’ll give you f-ng delicious.” Lol, I love this show.

The ladies keep gambling & Drita is going hardcore at gambling. She is playing $500 a hand! Alicia says she gambles like a dude. Natalie can’t believe how long Drita has been gambling & how much money she is putting down. Drita is now hell bent on winning her money back. She loses again & has lost a total of $2,000.

At 5:00am, they head back to the suite. Big Ang starts stripping. Everyone is laughing & having a great time. They all run to the rotating bed, complete with a mirror on the ceiling. They are scared sh*tless when Renee is sitting in the pool alone, Paranormal Activity style. Creepy!

The girls run down to her & she is f-ed up, looking all possessed. At this point, my 14-year-old stepdaughter looked up from her iPhone & her Vines & was all, “She looks like one of those people who kills people in their sleep.” Yess, girl, yes. Renee tells them to go away. NOW. Natalie says that she is bolting her door tonight, & that is the BEST idea Natalie has had all season.

How’d you guys like this week’s episode? Did Renee freak you out too? Are you scared for Natalie?