Review: Kim Russo, The Happy Medium’s, Live Show at The Newton Theatre in New Jersey

For Christmas this year, I got my Mom tickets to see Kim Russo from The Haunting Of. The Haunting Of is my second favorite ghost show, after Celebrity Ghost Stories, which makes sense because The Haunting Of is a spinoff of Celebrity Ghost Stories.

Kim Russo

The show took place at The Newton Theatre in New Jersey. The theater was nice and it was actually packed on a Sunday night. If I learned anything from Theresa Caputo’s live show, it was to get good seats. Our seats were in the very first row, smack-dab in the middle. However, once Kim came on stage she made it clear that it doesn’t matter where you’re sitting, because the spirits guide her where to go. So, my advice for these type of shows is don’t spring for the front row, but don’t sit all the way in the back either. Somewhere in the middle, towards the front is best. You heard it here first!

The first thing you notice about Kim when you see her in person is that she is really, really pretty. I’m talking “prettiest girl in her high school” pretty. She is much smaller than she looks on TV, but isn’t that the case with everyone? She is also very spunky and funny. It was nice to see a different side of her personality than what we see on The Haunting Of, which can be very dark. Kim alluded to this as well, and said that they shoot the show for 11 hours, but only show 47 minutes.

Much like Theresa’s show, Kim started off on stage explaining how it all works. Some interesting things that came out of that were that she has medical intuition. She can look at a person, do a kinda x-ray scan of their body, and tell them where they are having issues. Kim also sees initials over people’s heads. The initials can either be theirs or their loved ones.

Unlike Theresa, Kim will channel negative entities. She is also very blunt with the information that she receives, and said that some people may not appreciate her honesty because she sometimes tells them what they do not want to hear.

Similar to Theresa, Kim’s husband comes along to her shows. And he sometimes picks up on her gift, especially the night before a live show. Kim said that her hubby couldn’t sleep because in the middle of the night, she was already receiving “visitors” who were eager to talk to the audience. Kim’s hubby told her to “tell your people to leave!”. Ha!

The only complaint I had about Kim’s live show was that there was no camera following her around, like with Theresa’s show. It was nice to be able to sit back and watch the huge screen on stage, while Theresa walked around the theater reading people. With Kim’s show, we had to crane our necks a lot and it was hard to follow, since we couldn’t see who she was talking to all of the time. There didn’t seem to be any awkward pauses between her and the audience members she was reading, but then again, it was hard to keep track of what was going on because we couldn’t always see what was going on.

Some examples of the readings I was able to follow -

Two sisters were there and Kim channeled their brother. His message was to one of the sisters and he told her to eat more. Turns out, the other sister always lectured her about that because, well, she needed to eat more!

Kim approached a woman about a bad relationship. Turns out the message was actually for the woman’s friend, who was in love with a man who was married. He was stalling on leaving his wife for the friend. The relationship was very one-sided, with the guy always taking and never giving back. The woman’s friend’s father was reaching out to Kim and he was placing obstacles in front of the relationship, because he wanted his daughter to move on, since the guy was never going to leave his wife.

Kim spoke with a couple who lost a child. The pregnancy didn’t go to term. Kim let them know that the child they lost was a boy and that his soul chose not to come here. She also knew that they had yet to have another baby, but assured them that they would have one, either naturally or through adoption.

Kim kept walking back to the front row and saying that she had a message for one of us, and at one point she was standing right in front of my Mom and I, but then a spirit would pull her towards the back of the theater. It was very frustrating.

All in all, it was a great show. If you are a fan of Kim Russo, The Haunting Of, or just want to speak to your loved ones who have passed, I would definitely recommend Kim’s live show. It is less expensive than Theresa’s and has less people, which means a higher chance of you being read. I believed in Theresa, and I believe in Kim.

And even if you do not get a chance to speak to your loved ones, you walk away feeling that there is more to life than just the physical world and that, perhaps, your loved ones are at peace. And that, for me, is worth every penny.