Mob Wives: New Blood Reunion Recap and That Time Sherri Shepherd DMed Me!

There’s not a whole lot to say about the Mob Wives Reunion. The fact that there wasn’t enough drama to make it a two-parter is kind of disappointing. Despite this, we did have a few shockers. Thing we learned from the reunion were –

Alicia’s sentencing has been postponed. AGAIN.

Drita’s husband Lee is hot. Like, “Looks Like The Rock Hot”. Well, DAMN, Drita. Maybe this is why Karen can’t get over his ass! Speaking of which, Drita is pissed that Karen and Renee gossiped about Lee last season. Are we ever going to see this man?! Now I’m dying to know what he looks like!

Renee relapsed waaay before Vegas. She also did coke with Natalie. Whaaa?! And apparently, she texted Natalie to cuddle? Not sure what that is about, but doubt it was anything sexual.

Natalie was calling people out left and right, but really, all it did was put the focus on her and the fact that she does coke! SMH, NATALIE. Also, she finally got London to agree to move to Philly.

Big Ang looked fabulous in her sequined hoodie and she is going through menopause, which is why she doesn’t want to have sex, or babies, with her hubby, Neil. TMI, Ang. TMI.

Perhaps the coolest part of the reunion is that motherf-ing SHERRI SHEPHERD direct messaged me on Twitter a few times in response to a tweet I sent her AND she left me a comment too.

Here’s my tweet –

Celebrities Love DB Sherri Shepherd

Here’s her response –

Celebrities Love DB Sherri Shepherd2

Celebrities Love DB Sherri Shepherd1

I watch The View and know that Sherri don’t play when it comes to her man. She then commented basically the same thing on my Twitter page. You can check it out here. And while you’re there, follow me!

It was kind of random that Sherri was hosting, but I thought it also legitimized the show. I am gonna miss these ladies, but I hear that they got renewed for another season. Can’t wait! And Alicia will still be in my thoughts. I pray that she doesn’t have to go to jail and be away from her babies.

What’d you guys think of the reunion? And where do you all stand on the delicious issue? Ok? Not ok?

Mob Wives: New Blood, Season 4 Episode 12

Ok so, I was on an important phone call and missed the first few minutes of the finale. Sorry! What I could make out though was that Renee is writing a sex book. Alicia is going to divorce Eddie. Drita and Big Ang gave Natalie a talking to about leaving Renee the hell alone! And Drita really, really wants Gizelle to be a model.

I got off the phone while Renee was having her sex book party. Drita was on guard, making sure that Natalie doesn’t get out of line. Renee gets on stage and reads an excerpt from her book. The ish is mad dirty and AJ is grossed the f out. Natalie says that she has a surprise for Renee that is going to “dead” all of their issues. Drita is ready to f Natalie up as soon as Renee gives her the command. Natalie has no idea that whatever she is about to do will most definitely dead the issues, because Drita is going to kill her.

All of a sudden, Natalie is introduced and appears on stage. Renee says what we are all thinking, which is that this is not going to go over well. Apparently, Natalie has created a song called “Delicious” and she is going to sing it. Right now. On stage. At Renee’s party. In a British accent? Drita sums up the performance best when she says, “An English accent and twerking. I don’t know what the fuck is going on.”

Surprisingly, Renee laughs it off. Natalie says that she was just trying to turn something bad into something fun! Everyone laughs! There is no drama and Natalie has no idea how close she came to dying!

Alicia and her brother prepare for her sentencing tomorrow. If she were to go to prison tomorrow, her mom would move in to take care of the kids, and her bro would stop by every day to check on them. She said that Eddie had offered to take on her fines, her sentencing, etc. Well, he should! It’s his fault she is in this mess! I guess the courts won’t go for that, though. Alicia said that she would never forgive herself or Eddie if she goes to prison and her kids have no mom or dad. I can see why she is divorcing him. How do you recover from something like this as a couple?? Trust has been broken on so many levels.

Big Ang decides to cancel her baby plans because her family is growing rapidly. In addition to Neil, his kids, her kids, four dogs and a cat, they are about to have a bunch of grandkids as well. Big Ang thinks that all the new grandkids will curb their baby appetite, and I think she is right. She tells Neil and he seems to be okay with it.

Natalie tells London that she is staying in Philly because she is a Philly girl. Her whole life is there. She has her kid, her family and her family’s business. Why can’t London move to Philly? All he has in NYC is that hideous acid wash jean jacket he’s always wearing. The more he wears that thing, and the more he hesitates on this hot piece of ass who is pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to him, the more I think that Natalie should move on. London is kind of immature. She needs a man. A man with a career. A man who is involved in her kid’s life. A man who wants to wholeheartedly commit to her. She basically tells London this and he says that she is rushing things. Like most women in their late 20s, early 30s, Natalie is like, look, I’m 31, ain’t nobody got time for that! She wants to get married, have another baby, and settle down. And there is nothing wrong with that.

It was so sweet to see Drita and her girls baking for Christmas. Drita talked about how great it was going to be this year because it is the first time in 11 years that Lee will be home with them for the holidays. Christmas was so hard for them when he was locked up. I can only imagine. I’m so happy for Drita. She deserves all the happiness in the world.

On the morning of Alicia’s sentencing, she gets her kids ready for school like any other day and it really makes you appreciate the simple things in life. She says that she doesn’t know how she go to this place in her life and that it has made her a different person. She is less trusting and more guarded.

Renee’s friend Nikki calls her with some shocking news but takes forever to get it out. I was literally yelling at my TV, like, SPILL IT, WOMAN! Turns out that Junior, despite being in prison, knows that Renee went to see a lawyer about getting a restraining order against him. Apparently, he is not happy about it. And oh yea, he is getting released tomorrow!

Alicia goes to the courthouse with her family. The other girls are waiting by their phones for the news. Natalie went to the courthouse and waited outside for her, because she is a ride or die type of friend. Basically, the judge postponed the sentencing, so Alicia is back in limbo again. The bad news is that she could get up to five years in prison, along with a million bucks in fines! Poor Alicia.

What’d you guys think of the season finale? Are you worried for Alicia? How about Renee? Are you happy for Drita? Do you think Natalie should break up with London? Don’t you think Big Ang will make an awesome grandma?!

Mob Wives: New Blood, Season 4 Episode 11

Renee finally arrives at Drita’s house for dinner. All the girls are there waiting. Natalie says that Renee brings out the bitch in her. Alicia hopes that the “Good Renee” shows up, instead of the “Bad Renee” from Vegas who likes to put people in chokeholds.

Renee sits at the table and no one is talking. They are all eating Drita’s delicious crab cakes while staring at each other. Finally, Alicia speaks. She says that she is being sentenced next week and would like to resolve her issues with Renee before then. Natalie tells Renee that she has just been defending her BFF, Alicia. Natalie is a good ass friend. Alicia says that when she accused Renee of leaking information, she never meant that Renee was a rat, only that she was gossiping about the case. Renee brought up an excellent point that Alicia’s real problem with her has to do with Renee’s friendship with Carla, Eddie’s ex who he was seeing behind Alicia’s back.

I loved how Drita broke it down for them. Renee and Carla have been friends forever, therefore, her loyalty is with Carla. And even though she has been friends with Eddie for like 30 years, her loyalty is still with Carla, and Alicia has to respect that.

Natalie wants to resolve her issues with Renee as well and brings up Mob Candy. Natalie refers to them as business partners, even though I think it is more that Renee hired her to do a job. Anyways, Natalie said that there was a lot of miscommunication on both their parts. Renee agreed.

Fast forward to the end of the night, everyone apologized and agreed to move forward. It was actually very peaceful and Drita was amazed that she “managed a zoo”, because they are all a bunch of wild animals.

Drita is opening her second store very, very soon, but it is not ready, so she is freaking out.

Natalie and London are apartment hunting in my hometown, Brooklyn. Natalie is not impressed with the apartment they are looking at, because it lacks closet space, lacks space in general, doesn’t have an elevator, or a washer/dryer. Welcome to NY, Natalie. You’re not gonna find that in any apartment, unless you are willing to shell out beaucoup dollars. London, clearly not ready for all this, doesn’t understand why Natalie needs more than two bedrooms. Natalie says it’s because she wants to have another baby, eventually. London is NOT thinking babies, and instead, is thinking about the awesome nightlife that the city affords them. Natalie lets London know that she is coming from a house in Philly with her son and is looking for something for a family, aka, not a tiny ass apartment.

Alicia’s bank called her to say that they are closing all NINE of her accounts due to the shadiness surrounding her case. Who the hell has NINE bank accounts? And why? Please, somebody tell me.

It is the night of Drita’s second store opening and all the ladies are there. Renee offers her support to Alicia when she goes for her sentencing next week, but Alicia says it’ll just be her and her brother in court. Natalie and London show up, and he is still rockin’ this hideous acid wash jean jacket. You know, at first I thought London was hot, but now I’m not so sure. He has one of those faces that your mind changes its opinion on often.

Anyways, Natalie is pushing this marriage thing HARD, so she leaves London to Alicia, who lectures him. Natalie is way too good-looking to have to beg some dude to marry her. It’s starting to come across as desperate.

Moving on, Renee calls Alicia because she says that Natalie is targeting her on social media. Alicia says that Natalie must have a reason to tweet that Renee gives married guys blow jobs. Renee says that all she did was tweet that she doesn’t condone married men cheating and that Natalie went off on her for no reason. Something’s not making sense…

Big Ang and Neil are at the doctor’s office because they have decided to have a kid via an egg donor and Neil’s sperm. Neil goes in the lil’ room to “rub it out”, as Big Ang keeps saying over and over again. She refuses to help him in the physical sense, so instead, she picks out a porno for him to watch. How nice. When Neil’s done, he comes out of the room with his lil’ cup full of jizz and VH1 shows that shit like it’s cool. REALLY, VH1?! REALLY?!! F-ING GROSS!!!

Alicia is home with her two youngest boys, who are writing letters to their dad in prison. Eddie calls and the kids speak to him. Then Alicia speaks to him, and for some reason, fights with him in front of the boys, which of course, causes them to ask questions. Alicia explains to them that “Daddy made mistakes that might send Mommy away”. Nice.

Renee is having a Ho, Ho, Ho Pajama Party in what looks like a hotel room. Big Ang shows up as a geisha girl in a kimono that barely covers her huge ass knockers. The ladies talk about the tweets that Natalie aimed at Renee. Renee wants to know what Alicia is going to do about it. Alicia says that she can’t control Natalie, she is a grown woman. Renee is being a drama queen, per usual, and says that Natalie’s tweets are basically ruining her reputation. Drita says that if you haven’t been with any married men then it shouldn’t matter. I agree.

If you don’t pay attention to Twitter during Mob Wives, you really need to. Shit gets cray cray. The ladies talk shit to each other back and forth. It’s great.

Natalie tweeted the tweet she tweeted about (oy vey). Renee said a whole lot more than she doesn’t condone married men cheating. This is the tweet that caused Natalie to go off on Renee. Karen was in on it and erything.

Mob Wives Natalie Text

Renee, OWN YO SHIT. Natalie, you are a good ass friend.

What’d you guys think of this week’s episode? Are you Team Natalie on this one or Team Renee?

MobWives: New Blood, Season 4 Episode 10

Alicia calls Natalie to discuss Eddie’s sentencing, which is tomorrow. Alicia hasn’t really told anyone about it, because she doesn’t want to get her boys’ hopes up and then they do not sentence him, AGAIN. She is hoping that the judge agrees with Eddie’s plea deal, which would mean that he only gets a year and a half to two years in prison. Keep in mind, he has been in prison for a few years already awaiting sentencing.

Renee asked Natalie to meet up to “clear the air”. Renee brings up Mob Candy and basically tells Natalie that she is fired. Natalie says that she quit a long time ago and actually, never got paid and was just helping a “friend”. Didn’t they meet via Alicia at the Mob Candy audition? So, I don’t know how much weight Natalie’s “helping a friend” argument has. Natalie says that even though Renee said she was over everything in Vegas, she really wasn’t. Renee doesn’t think either of them were over it, although Natalie says she was. Renee thought that the Halloween party invite was insincere and a setup. Natalie was as confused as the rest of us were by these statements.

I respect Natalie’s honesty when she told Renee that she was flat out hurt by her. She felt that Renee lied to her and betrayed her with the whole Vegas fiasco. On Renee’s part, though, she did apologize, but it seemed like Natalie didn’t want to accept it, and instead, wanted to drag this fight on. I’m with Renee, let’s lay our cards on the table, talk about it, forgive, and move the f on.

After Natalie refused to move on with Renee, she started bringing up the wiretaps and how she felt that Renee was not only disloyal to her, but to Alicia. Ok, this is a no no. Natalie, this has nothing to do with you. Stay out of it. Renee said she was done and walked out. I don’t blame her.

Drita is on the phone with Lee, who is at the sports memorabilia store he owns. Drita says that even though he is home, they don’t see a lot of each other because they are both so busy working. Still, Drita says that she is very happy and in love, and that it is surreal for her to finally be a family with him under one roof. She tells Lee that he is turning her into a “softie”, a “jerkoff”, and a “happy dick on a rainbow”, which is making it hard for her to make gangsta rap music. Lee showed his softer side by telling her how beautiful the house looked and how proud he was of her. Aww, see, he’s not THAT bad. Then, Drita mentioned that she was going to invite the girls to a classy lunch and was worried that they would fight. Lee gave her his usual advice, which was who gives a f and that Drita should “just let them beat the shit out of each other”. Drita had the funniest line of the night when she said that Lee is not “1-800-Good-Advice”. No, he is not.

Renee visits a lawyer because she wants to ensure that she is aware when Junior is released from prison. She has conflicting feelings about this because “the lifestyle” means never involving the authorities. This is ridiculous and shows how dysfunctional “the lifestyle” really is. Renee needs to protect herself. I know that she never wants to hear from Junior again, but she has to know that their paths will cross again, as they share a son, AJ, who seems to still be in contact with his dad.

Big Ang and Renee are at the nail salon and we learn that Big Ang’s daughter is engaged. On top of that, her son AJ proposed to his pregnant girlfriend by yelling at her. Big Ang is super excited about all of the upcoming wedding showers, engagement parties, baby shower, etc that she will be throwing, but wonders how this will affect her and Neil trying to have a baby of their own.

Renee has lunch with her friend Nikole and we learn than she is a domestic abuse survivor, which is even more reason for her to protect herself from Junior. She doesn’t feel comfortable talking to Big Ang and Drita about this because they are so chummy with Alicia and Natalie, who are at odds with Renee. Renee is upset that she introduced all of the girls to each other and now she feels like the outsider.

Renee meets Drita for lunch and Drita wants to know why she didn’t show up to the classy lady lunch, which was pretty uneventful. Renee said that it is not that she is hating on Alicia or Natalie, she is just over them and doesn’t have time for the drama they bring into her life. I relate to Renee so much with this. You just get to a point in your life where you only have time for positivity. Drita invites Renee to a dinner at her house and Renee says that she will go.

Natalie is at a fashion shoot at a bar she used to work at and Alicia stops by to drop off clothes from her boutique. They talk about Renee being a no show at the lunch and also about Alicia growing depressed over her upcoming sentencing. I feel so bad for her!

Drita is baking up a storm for her dinner. Natalie arrives and is not only impressed with Drita’s kitchen skills, but also her interior decorating skills. The other ladies arrive and the question on everyone’s minds is is Renee going to show? Big Ang wants everyone to clear the air and Drita wants to make sure that Renee doesn’t feel bombarded. The episode ends with the doorbell ringing, Renee has arrived!

What’d you guys think of this week’s episode? Do you understand where Renee is coming from? How do you think the dinner is going to go?

Mob Wives: New Blood, Season 4 Episode 7

The episode starts off with Drita calling Big Ang because she had a nightmare that two people were creeping in her house. They were there to do her harm, so she shot them dead. I know what you’re thinking, it’s just a dream, so what’s the big deal? Well, according to Drita, her dreams always come true. It’s a family curse gift. Big Ang tries to comfort her, but Drita is buggin’ out.

Alicia’s brother stops by and tells her that she needs a plan in place in case she is sent to jail. Alicia says that she can not bring herself to think about that because they would eat her alive in prison. Her bro tells her that she needs to start thinking about it, and soon, because they could send her away at her sentencing. He makes a good point.

Natalie stops by Big Ang’s house to talk to her and Drita about the fight fights with Renee in Vegas. I thought we resolved this shit?? Natalie is still upset that Renee referred to her as a puppet and she doesn’t believe her apology was sincere. Drita and Big Ang said that Renee doesn’t let anything go, so the situation between Natalie and Renee is going to explode. Again.

Big Ang is having dinner with her hubby, Neil, her son AJ, and his girlfriend, whose name I did not catch. The girlfriend is using her pregnancy as an excuse as to why she can not get a job. Big Ang has little sympathy for her, because she worked when she was pregnant. She tells them that she wants 20 grandkids. AJ tells her, “Then you push them out.” Big Ang has been contemplating how to tell AJ that she might have another kid with Neil, so this is a perfect time to do it! She tells them that she is planning on having a baby. It went right over their heads, so I’m thinking that they did not hear her.

Renee and her son, also named AJ, are playing darts. She fills him in on Vegas and what a horror it was. She admits that she was wrong to raise her hand to Natalie. AJ tells her that she doesn’t have to fight random people who don’t mean anything to her. Renee says it is not over between her and Natalie, because she talked shit about Mob Candy. It is so sad to me that AJ is wise beyond his years, because it most likely happened out of necessity, rather than it being a natural thing.

Drita and Big Ang see an article in the newspaper showing Alicia and Drita in Vegas having a good ol’ time! The article basically says that Alicia lied to the judge about where she was going and it paints her in a bad light. In Philly, Alicia is showing Natalie the same article. She says that the paper is lying, and that she made everyone involved in the case aware that she was going to Vegas. Alicia believes that someone is feeding false information to the press, in an effort to be malicious. Natalie is a really good friend to Alicia, so is angry that someone is messing with her “family”.

We get to see Gizelle in this episode and she is more adorable than I remember! She really has grown since last season, and it is good to know that since Lee has been back, her personality has blossomed. Drita wants to get her into modeling, like she was into as a child, because she thinks Gizelle is just like her. She starts selling Gizelle the idea of being a model by telling her that she would get paid. Gizelle tells her, “I have money.” She then reaches for her piggy bank and pulls out a crapload of money, like the BALLER that she is.

Alicia visits her lawyer to talk about the newspaper article. It turns out that a lot of the info in the article could have been taken off of Alicia’s Instagram. Alicia went to see her lawyer so that he could calm her down, and instead he confirmed her worst fears. I feel bad for Alicia, but it is common sense. You are awaiting sentencing. You should be humble. You shouldn’t be taking pics left and right of vacations to Vegas. Her lawyer said that she could get up to five years in jail!

Big Ang is at the Drunken Monkey reading the newspaper and spots ANOTHER article talking shit about Alicia. This one is saying that Alicia is lying about how much money she makes. Big Ang asks how Eddie, in prison, is handling all of these articles and the possibility that there is a rat leaking info to the press about his wife/mother of his children. Alicia said that he is pissed and Big Ang pities the fool who gets on Eddie’s bad side.

Renee apologizes to Drita for ruining the Vegas trip. Big Ang calls in and they all talk about the newspaper articles. The judge wants to see Alicia before her sentencing and the ladies, based on their experience, think that this means that she is probably going to jail. Yikes!

Alicia tells Drita that she is fed up with the articles. She believes that someone has a personal vendetta against her and that they are out to hurt her, hurt her children, and that they want to see her behind bars.

Renee, Big Ang, and Drita meet up and are discussing Alicia going to prison. Alicia is a nice woman from a good family. To survive in prison, one needs to be a “tough bitch”, so the girls are worried about Alicia. Renee fills the girls in on some of the dirt heard on the wire taps. Alicia is being accused of robbing the union. Drita says that’s bullshit and that Alicia would have never intentionally robbed anyone, because she would never risk going to prison and losing her boys. Renee said that on the wire taps, Alicia says that she knows everything her husband does. I’m with Drita, as a wife, she probably thought she knew everything, and therefore had no problem saying that. But now, that statement is coming back to bite her in the ass. The ladies decide to head to Philly, to show Alicia support before her sentencing.

In Philly, Alicia tell the girls that she did the books for their trucking company because she wanted to make sure it was on the straight and narrow. Yet, in the next breath, she says that she had no idea what her husband was into and that she trusted him completely. If you had no idea about anything, why do you feel the need to make sure the books are legit? Mmm…

Alicia basically accuses someone in the group of ratting her out to the newspapers. I think she is trying to pinpoint Renee, and that’s just crazy. Everyone knows that Renee’s not a rat. Renee is understandably offended. Drita kinda ratted Renee out about telling them about the info on the wire taps. Alicia makes a good point, if Renee is on her side, why is she gossiping about the case?? Renee says that everyone on Staten Island is talking about it. So, if you’re a friend, why add fuel to the fire?

What’d you guys think of this week’s episode? Do you think Renee is a rat? Do you think Alicia knew more about her husband’s business than she is letting on??

Mob Wives: New Blood, Season 4 Episode 6

The ladies are still in Vegas this week and things take a turn for the better between Renee and Natalie. Thank God! Because all that drama was so NOT delicious.

Drita takes Alicia and Natalie to the race track to drive cars and release some tension. Natalie says that she’s not going to get in the way of the other girls’ friendship with Renee and will talk to her when she’s ready. Speak of the devil, Renee and Big Ang show up to the track ready to race. Renee is annoyed and a lil’ confused as to why the other girls are embracing Natalie. She marches over to the bleachers to sit and pout because she is a big baby not two-faced. Renee gets angrier by the minute as she watches Natalie have the time of her life with HER friends. She eventually tells Alicia and Big Ang that she has an issue with them being so chummy with Natalie. After all, Natalie disprespected Renee. AND she disrespected Alicia by bringing up Eddie going to dinner with his ex and Renee. Big Ang reminds Renee that SHE is the one who actually brought him up, not Natalie. Renee has selective memory, and a substance abuse problem, so they have to keep reminding her that she was the one who started the whole thing and then wouldn’t let that shit go for nothing. Alicia told Renee that Renee’s beef with Natalie has nothing to do with her and she is not getting involved. Renee questions her friends’ loyalty.

Drita, Big Ang, and Alicia are getting pampered in their suite for a night out without drama, aka Renee and Natalie. Drita is obsessing about the money she lost gambling. She was saving up to open another store. Alicia is enjoying bonding with Drita and Big Ang. The girls joke about the fight between Renee and Natalie. Drita doesn’t understand why she is always surrounded by drama and wonders if she needs new friends. But then she realizes, “Old, new, from out of space, you hang out with us, it’s a warzone.” The ladies go out and leave Renee and Natalie to deal with each other. Uh-oh…

The ladies arrive at a restaurant where a mysterious pay phone, remember pay phones?, talks to them. Big Ang tells the pay phone that she is “Big Ang” and the pay phone lets her in, no problems. At dinner, Drita says that Renee is lost and needs to find herself. She is irrational, under the influence, and walking around like she’s Bugsy Siegel. Drita said that one day she is going to mess with the wrong person. Big Ang said that she already did, when she tried to pick on Natalie.

Drita flat-out called Renee a spoiled brat. Alicia doesn’t think that Renee will change. The ladies wonder what she is up to. Shot to Renee in her room crying on the phone to her son, AJ. She tells him that she is falling apart and is disappointed in herself. Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, Big Ang is telling the girls that Renee needs to stop with the pills. Alicia said that she has never seen Renee act like this. Big Ang says that’s because Renee is not in the right frame of mind on this trip. Also, she is never happy, is her own worst enemy, and can’t let go of the past. Back to Renee, AJ doesn’t know what to tell her because he is just a kid. I wonder how many times in his life he has had to deal with his mother’s erratic behavior, and I feel for him. Cut to the restaurant, where Big Ang is saying that she thinks a tragedy is going to happen with Renee and that they are possibly going to find her dead one day. Damn! Is it that serious? We see Renee screaming Natalie’s name through the suite. She gets to her door and starts knocking. Oh shit, what is about to happen.

Natalie answers and finally agrees to talk with Renee, because she is sick of the whole thing and just wants it to be over with. Renee says that she can’t remember the argument from the night before. Natalie doesn’t appreciate Renee using “we” language when discussing the fight. Natalie feels that Renee is primarily responsible for all of this. Renee said that she is big on respect, and the word “delicious” irritated her. Natalie is sick of the word. And I think I speak for all of us when I say, Amen, sister. Natalie said that she apologized more than once. She really did. She didn’t appreciate Renee trying to “jerk her off” in front of people by saying she was a puppet. That was major disrespect because she is a grown woman, a mother, and “a business person”. Again, I think people misjudged Natalie. They saw a young, pretty girl, with a bit of a wild streak, and thought that meant they could take advantage of her. What they didn’t know was that she is a strong woman with a good head on her shoulders, and oh yea, a buttload of self-respect.

I appreciate Natalie’s realness. She said that Renee really hurt her and she feels backstabbed and betrayed. Renee admitted that she made a mistake by misjudging Natalie. Renee apologized and Natalie accepted her apology. They agreed to move on. However, this is Mob Wives, so while Natalie forgives, she says that she is never going to forget.

Drita, Big Ang, and Alicia stop at the suite after dinner and before going to a strip club. They learn that Renee and Natalie made up, so now they all can go to the strip club like one big happy family! Natalie is excited to go to the strip club and make it rain. The ladies are having a great time at the club, getting lap dances, and giving each other lap dances. Drita says exactly what we’re all thinking about Natalie’s outfit. She is dressed like a stripper from 1985. She is wearing some sort of unitard that looks like it belonged to The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. Is that still his name? Or is he back to plain ol’ Prince these days? Regardless, Natalie looks amazing in her unitard, so I don’t think anyone minds much. Renee is having such a great time a the club that she decides to get on the pole herself!

The next morning the ladies are hungover. They give breakfast another try and hopefully no one throws a glass. Did Big Ang just say that she had 35 lemon shots last night? How is she not in the hospital right now?! Renee said that she is done with alcohol. Drita is not looking forward to explaining to Lee that she lost $8,000 gambling. Alicia is worried about Eddie’s (and her) sentencing.

Natalie is glad to be back in Philly, running her family’s funeral home. She spends her days talking to families on the phone, making funeral arrangements, and oh yea, putting makeup on dead people. She says that constantly being around death makes her aware of what’s really important and she likes to live life to the fullest. This girl has layers, people.

Eddie’s sentencing is coming up in a few days and Alicia is helping her oldest son, Anthony, pack up for college. Anthony is her rock and he seems pretty mature for his age. He has basically had to be “the man of the house”, since Eddie was arrested years ago. Alicia gets emotional as she reads an old letter from Eddie to Anthony, where he expresses remorse over making Anthony a man at such a young age. Turns out, Eddie is not his biological dad. Anthony is Alicia’s son from her first marriage, but Eddie has raised him as his own. And this is why she loves him despite all of the lies. He is a wonderful father to her boys. Alicia’s son wants to know what happens if Alicia has to go to jail and Alicia can not even bring herself too think about that.

Drita is working at her store and finally decides to tell Lee that she lost all of her savings. She calls Lee and he calls her every name in the book, like “f-bleep-ing dick” and “f-bleep-ing degenerate f-bleep”. On one hand, I am from Brooklyn, and understand that this is how people talk there. On the other hand, I have been removed from Brooklyn for a few years now, and understand that this is not normal to the rest of the world. Do I think Drita is being emotionally or verbally abused by Lee? No. I just think this is how they talk to each other. Is it healthy? Probably not.

Alicia is with her younger sons talking to them about Eddie’s sentencing and what it means. The whole family has been waiting years for him to be sentenced. Alicia is tired of being in limbo and just wants to know what is going to happen. She explains to the boys that once their dad gets sentenced, he will move closer to them, and then they can spend a whole day with him in prison, instead of an hour. The whole thing is really sad and I feel for her and her family. Alicia is trying to figure out the outcome of her sentence based off of what Eddie’s sentence will be. She figures if they go easy on him, they might go easy on her. Dear Lord, I can’t even imagine what this woman is going through.

Alicia meets Renee for lunch. Eddie’s sentencing has been postponed, AGAIN, and Alicia is cracking. She feels like her family is being emotionally held hostage. She feel helpless for her husband. This is the first time we see Alicia break down and it is heartbreaking, but also a reminder of how unbelievably strong she is 99% of the time. Alicia says that she can’t talk to her family about this, because they are not from this lifestyle and wouldn’t understand. Renee’s basically like, uh hello! You’re on a show called Mob Wives, b I gotchu. She tells Alicia that she has her extended family, aka the Mob Wives, and that she can cry and yell to them all she wants. Aww.

What’d you guys think of this week’s episode? Does your heartbreak for Alicia too?

Mob Wives: New Blood, Season 4 Episode 5

Ok so, it looks like everyone survived Renee’s Paranormal Activity-style possession by the pool last week because it is the next morning & Big Ang ordered room service for everyone. Alicia is up & her & Big Ang talk about Renee’s zombie-like presence the night before. Alicia thought that she was supposed to be in recovery & Big Ang says that this is how Renee gets when things become too stressful in her life. She just can’t handle pressure, so she relapses. Alicia feels that all this “delicious” pettiness is holding the group back from having the time of their lives & she is particularly concerned because this is her last trip before her sentencing.

Renee wakes up & is presumably sober, but still has “the crazy eyes”. Drita joins the ladies & is upset not so much that she lost $6,000, but that she now has to explain to her husband, Lee, that she lost $6,000. I love seeing Drita adjust to life as a wife, after being on her own for so long. It is hilarious & the woman really needs her own reality show. As Drita thinks about what she is going to say, Big Ang reminds her that it doesn’t matter, because no matter what she says, Lee is going to think she is a liar.

Renee refuses to let Natalie’s delicious comment go & says that the comment plays in her head over & over like a broken record. Uh, problems much? That sh*t’s not normal. Drita doesn’t feel comfortable talking sh*t about Natalie when she is not there, so goes to wake her up. Well, this is going to end well. NOT.

Drita takes Natalie to the side before entering the dining area & lets her know that Renee doesn’t let anything go & is a f-ng time bomb. Drita doesn’t want Natalie feeling ambushed when she walks into the dining area, because Drita knows what that feels like. She also tells Natalie that she didn’t appreciate her calling her a “whore” the night of the delicious comment because they don’t know each other like that. And that she talked mad sh*t about Natalie for it. Natalie tells her, again, that it was all meant in fun, but apologized. Drita recommended that she also take Big Ang to the side & apologize, because she wasn’t feeling being called a whore by some girl she just met either. Natalie agreed.

Meanwhile, in the dining area, Big Ang tells Renee that whatever happens when Natalie walks in the room doesn’t have to turn nasty. Uhh… does Big Ang know what show she’s on? Natalie walks in & Drita starts mediating the situation. Renee says that she is confused because (as she starts pointing to the fruit on the table) grapes are delicious & strawberries are delicious, but the man next to her is NEVER delicious. You got that, ladies? For the 75th time, Natalie apologized to Renee. She told her that the delicious comment had nothing to do with Renee’s man (except it was directed to him & was about him) & that she didn’t meant it in a disrespectful way. Then, Renee gets up. Natalie tells her not to get up. Of course, being Renee, she says that if she wants to get up, she’ll get the f up. This is when Natalie says something that puts Renee over the edge – which, in all honesty, isn’t that hard to do, but this one was pretty ballsy…

Renee tries to make an example of what Natalie did & says to Alicia, “Edward’s my friend & he smells delicious”. Natalie says THIS – “You would know. You went to dinners with him.” Aww sh*t! It’s on! Renee then grabs Natalie’s arm & is like, “Let me take you for a walk”. Natalie tells her not to grab her arm. She then tells Renee that Michael looks like a turtle caught in headlights. Lol. Ok. Renee throws Natalie’s breakfast in Alicia’s direction & breaks a glass. Natalie, admist the chaos, is concerned about her friend’s wellbeing, & I thought that was sweet. Like I said before, their friendship is genuine & I dig that.

So basically, it’s a whole lotta back & forth. You don’t respect me. No, you don’t respect me! Yada yada. Renee, clearly defeated, tries to save face by telling Natalie that she is gonna give her “a pass”. Natalie is basically like, I don’t need your pass. I’m not your puppet, yada, yada. Then Renee gets in her face. Natalie says “I dare you to touch me”. Oooh. This is when we all start to realize that this chick Natalie has some MAJOR balls. And we all start to respect her in a way that we didn’t before.

Natalie keeps running her mouth, so Renee walks up to her & basically starts strangling her. Alicia, so cute, is completely flabbergasted. She says that this is not how women act. Drita calls Renee Superfly Snuka? Supa wha? Supa who? I looked him up & he’s a professional wrestler. Ok. Makes sense. Lol. They keep going back & forth, & Renee goes after her again, & the cycle continues.

Basically, I’m with Natalie on this one. Not only did she show major heart & balls, but she did try to apologize sincerely to Renee a thousand times already. Why Renee wouldn’t let that sh*t go, I don’t know. What I do know is that if we started a drinking game where every time the word “delicious” was said in an episode this season, we’d all be in the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

After the shenanigans, Renee goes to her room & falls asleep. Natalie calls her boyfriend, London. Big Ang & Drita marvel over Natalie’s huge, unexpected balls. And Alicia still can’t believe that two grown women would ever act that way, because she is one hell of a classy broad.

Big Ang tells Alicia that she believes that Renee’s ex-husband, Junior’s, betrayal last season was just too much for her to handle. I can see that, because that sh*t was bananas. Big Ang asked Alicia how her husband, Eddie, was doing in prison. Alicia said that there is still no word on his sentencing. She is hoping that the judge will agree with his plea deal & then he will only get eight years. If not, they are back to the drawing board & anything can happen. Alicia feels so betrayed by Eddie that she doesn’t know if she is going to wait for him while he is behind bars. At least, that’s how I took what she was saying. Big Ang tried to reassure her that once Eddie gets out, it’ll be like he never left, but Alicia isn’t so sure.

Drita goes looking for Natalie to smooth things over, so that they don’t have another World War III up in the suite. Drita says that there are many sides to Renee & the one that they just witnessed, the drunk, drugged up, ticking f-ng time bomb, who makes mountains out of molehills, is the Renee that no one wants to hang with. Drita respects Natalie for sticking up for herself.

Once Renee wakes up, the ladies, sans Natalie, check out the Mob Attraction exhibit & have a good time. Renee & Drita talk about Natalie & Drita encourages her to just let it go. Renee starts feeling betrayed & is confused as to why all of a sudden Drita is sticking up for a girl whom a few days ago she wanted to beat the crap out of.

At the pool, Renee calls Natalie from the suite & asks her to come up to talk. Wow. Seems like Drita’s words really got to her. Natalie says that she is not mentally prepared for all that just yet. Really, NATALIE? Alicia, Drita, & Big Ang try to convince Natalie to go, because her & Renee are RUINING THEIR VACATION. Natalie bitches that she needs to “decompress” & that everyone needs to leave her the f alone. She is acting kind of bratty & I don’t know how much longer Drita is going to put up with this attitude before punching her in the face. Just sayin’.

So, what’d you guys think of this week’s episode? Does Natalie have balls or what? What’s Renee’s problem? And do you think Michael looks like a turtle?