How the Latest Fashion Trends

Most women struggle to understand fashion and look great all the time. While to some this may come easy, to most it doesn’t. Most of us take forever to decide what to wear each morning, but we want to look our best at all times whether we are going for a glamorous night out or to the corner shop.

While we are children, the majority of the time, our parents decide on what we wore, as teenagers we just follow trends as it is, it is no surprise that as adults we have not come to know or developed our own style. One option for many of us is to get help with our style is to hire a personal stylist or shopper. But most people can not afford that option, great if you can, but for the majority of us we have to look at other options. So another option would be to understand and research how to develop your own style.

Nowadays the media is so much on the fashion industry. There are hundreds and thousands of fashion designers all over the world creating and manufacturing new designs and clothes for us consumers. There are also new designers emerging in this field of work all the time and creating new designs all the time. It is no wonder with so much choice of new clothing we are left confused as what to buy. You may not believe this, but as consumers we have a lot of impact on what is sold in the shops. Fashion trends are set by a number of people, fashion designers, buyers, the media and us the consumers.

A designer is a person who has vision of a design and puts it together from a sketch to the actual outfit. Top designers will show their each seasons collection at a fashion show. The bigger, better known designers have a bigger impact on the latest trends. The buyers are who will bring the latest designs and trends from the runways to the shops. They will pick and choose from the designers collections according to what they think the consumers will buy. All the shops from large department stores to small boutiques have a buyer. Buyers for the larger and major retail shops play a big part in the fashion trade. These buyers have to be careful as to what they buy from the designers, if the consumers don’t like it, they will end up with a lot of unsold merchandise.. So as you can see as you as a consumer have a lot of impact on trends that become popular.