Mob Wives: New Blood, Season 4 Episode 1

I LOVE Mob Wives. I moved to the DMV area from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn a couple of years ago, but I go home A LOT. I have to. Brooklyn is in my blood & if I go too long without it, I get some serious withdrawals. This may sound weird to some of you guys, but watching Mob Wives is very comforting to me, even more so than RHONJ, because with Staten Island being right across the Verrazano, it really is a lil’ dose of home for me. I often find myself putting Mob Wives on in my house for background noise. Listening to these angry women cursing & yelling at each other is soothing to me. It reminds me of home.

Because I’m from Brooklyn, I am fiercely loyal. Therefore, I really wasn’t feeling this “New Blood” angle. AND they’re from Philadelphia? Whaaa?? Why? VH1 couldn’t find some women in the tri-state area with mob ties? Really? Anywho, more than that, I just wanted everyone from the regular cast, Karen Gravano, Ramona Rizzo, Love Majewski, & Carla Facciolo to be in this season.

After much thought, I decided to give Mob Wives: New Blood a try. And it wasn’t bad, but I don’t know if these two new girls, Alicia DiMichele Garofalo & Natalie Guercio are going to be enough to fill the shoes of the other four women, each with their own larger than life personality. While watching the season premiere, I was entertained, but still holding out hope that one of the regular cast members would show up or will show up at some point in the future. I guess we’ll just have to wait & see…

Ok so, let’s get to it!

Renee Graziano – Renee is at home working on her company, Mob Candy, which is expanding from shoes into clothing as well & she looks fantastic! Renee had such a rough time last year dealing with depression, anxiety, addiction, her ex-husband ratting out her dad – you name it, this woman’s been through it. So, the fact that she is even functioning, much less THRIVING is wonderful. So proud of my girl Renee. And in her words, “the boss bitch” is DEF back.

Big Ang – Most people don’t know what to make of Big Ang at first, but once you get to know her, it is pretty much impossible to ever say anything negative about her. She is sweet, caring, & just wants everyone to get along! Big Ang is back from shooting Miami Monkey & is ecstatic to be back in Staten Island. I have to agree with her, guys in Miami are waaay too pretty & us NY girls really need our men to be, well, men. Renee calls Big Ang to talk about the party that they are going to that night in Philadelphia. Their friend, new cast member Alicia, is throwing a 1920s costume party. I was kind of surpised that Big Ang wasn’t into costume parties. She seems like the type who would enjoy dressing up. Instead, Big Ang feels that people should be able to just come as they are & get whacked! Alrighty, then.

Drita Davanzo – Drita is & always will be my favorite Mob Wife. How can anyone not love her? She is a great mom, ride or die wife, loyal friend, & has the biggest heart – until you f with her, then… WATCH OUT. Drita is talking to her hubby, Lee, on phone about her upcoming trip to Philly for the party. Lee got out of prison not too long ago & I am glad that Drita has decided to reconcile with him, despite finding out that he cheated on her many years ago. I hope for their daughters’ sake that they can make their family work. Drita summed up her & Lee’s relationship by saying that they are either madly in love with each other or want to kill each other. Ahhh… ain’t love grand? Like Renee, Drita’s business, Lady Boss, is thriving & I am so proud of her! She really has made a name for herself & is a great role model for her girls.

Mob Wives Drita Phone Lee

Renee & Big Ang arrive at the party looking fab. Drita comes a lil’ later & I love her gangster outfit. We are introduced to Alicia. Alicia seems like a classy broad who has a lot of style. Her husband, Edward “The Tall Guy” Garofalo, is in prison awaiting sentencing. He is charged with racketeering & murder conspiracy, to name a few.

Apparently, the Garofalos & the Gravanos, as in former cast member Karen Gravano, do not get along because allegedly, Karen’s father is responsible for the murder of Eddie’s father. Wow. Deep sh*t here. Are the rumors true? Is this why Karen is not on this season? But why would VH1 get rid of an established cast member, who has a loyal fan base, for a complete unknown?? The fact that they keep mentioning Karen means that she is going to show up at some point, right? (Pleeease… )

Another twist is that Alicia was also arrested for embezzling money & pleaded guilty to avoid a trial. She is now awaiting sentencing, as well. I hope for her kids’ sake, she doesn’t go to jail.

Mob Wives Costume Party

Back in Staten Island, Drita, Renee, & Big Ang are having some girl talk. Big Ang says that her hubby, Neil, wants a baby. Say whaaa?? The girls are just as shocked as us viewers, but each express it very differently. Renee sits there in silence, unable to get any words out, while making shocked faces. Drita is screaming random things while making grand hand gestures. Lol. No one is asking the obvious question, which is, HOW?! How on Earth is this 53-year-old woman going to have a baby?? Big Ang answers all of our questions by saying that she is considering using a surrogate. Big Ang also wants Drita to have a baby (pregnancy pact!), & while a lil’ Davanzo boy would be adorable, I agree with Drita that her current family needs more time adjusting to being a family.

Renee holds a casting call for models to represent Mob Candy, & she asks Alicia to help her. I can understand why. Homegirl has style. I am loving all of her outfits in this episode. All the models are lame, so Alicia suggests her friend, Nicole, also from Philly.

Drita is working at her store & calls Lee to break the news to him that their oldest daughter, Aleeya, is being bullied. This makes me angry, because if you are a Mob Wives fan, you know that Aleeya is a sweetheart. And maybe it’s the Brooklyn in me, but I agree with Lee 100% when he says, “Well tell Aleeya to break their f*cking face!” Problem. Solved.

Big Ang has Drita & Alicia over. Alicia explains that she had no idea what her husband was up to & his arrest came as a complete shock. She said that her husband was upset because it was the anniversary of his dad’s death. Drita, who just met Alicia not too long ago, asks questions like, how did he die? He was murdered. Who killed him? “Sammy the Bull” Gravano. As in, Karen’s dad. Aww sh*t. Alicia went on to say that she doesn’t understand why Karen is writing books & bragging about her dad, when he is equivalent to a serial killer. Ok, I can see her side, but umm… didn’t you just say your husband is awaiting sentencing for murder conspiracy?? Alicia says that she will never, ever be in a room with Karen. Come on VH1, you mean to tell me that all of this talk about Karen, & you’re not going to have her on to defend herself?

Mob Wives Alicia Big Ang's

We meet new cast member Natalie at Renee’s photo shoot, & she seems like a blast. Her family is in the burying mobsters business. Don’t get the wrong idea though, they just own a funeral home. At the photo shoot, Alicia pulls Renee to the side to talk about Karen & how f-ed up she thinks she is. Renee made it very clear that even though she is friends with Alicia & her husband, she is not going to turn on Karen ever. Karen helped her when she was at her lowest & also, she would never hold anyone accountable for their father’s sins. What if someone did that to her son, AJ? Renee is so right. Say what you will about Sammy Gravano, but you can not blame Karen for anything that her father did. That’s ridiculous. And yes her dad did some horrible things, but Karen is human. That is her father & she only knew him as a father. Is Alicia going to turn around & disown/hate her husband for his sins? Not so easy, huh?

Mob Wives Natalie & Renee Photo Shoot

Big Ang & Drita meet Natalie for lunch & homegirl is GONE. Two lemon drops & a Grey Goose with cranberry will do that to ya. Big Ang & Drita’s reactions to Natalie’s ramblings were hysterical. Then she ate off of Big Ang’s plate & they had enough. Natalie managed to do something few people can do, which is piss off Big Ang, so you know she has to be a hot mess! Big Ang & Drita got the hell out of there with the quickness.

Mob Wives Lunch with Natalie

At Renee’s launch party for Mob Candy’s clothing line, Alicia sees some woman named Carla, who works with Renee, who used to date her husband a million years ago. So what?? I can tell this girl is insecure & is going to be DRAMA. During the fashion show, Natalie’s drunk ass fell on the runway. Later on that night, she heard the girls talking mad sh*t about her. And now she wants to know why they don’t grow some balls & say it to her face. Uh-oh! Looks like some sh*t’s about to go down next week!

Mob Wives Gossiping

What’d you guys think of this week’s episode? Do you miss the old girls? Do you like the new ones?

3 thoughts on “Mob Wives: New Blood, Season 4 Episode 1

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  2. In 1990, “Sammy ‘the Bull’ Gravano” ordered Associate Fama and others to murder Eddie Garofalo for, among other things, cooperating with a law enforcement investigation into the Gambino Organized Crime Family. On August 8, 1990, Fama and others shot and killed the Garofalo in front of his Brooklyn, New York, home.

    Fama, 48, of Staten Island, New York, is charged with killing a person with the intent to prevent that person from communicating to a law enforcement officer information related to the commission of a federal offense. The charge carries a mandatory term of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

    Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said: “More than two decades since Daniel Fama allegedly killed a suspected government informant, he has finally been arrested. Any attack against someone working with, or suspected of working with, law enforcement will be strongly answered, and no matter how long it takes we will bring alleged criminals to justice.”

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