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Shopping in Paris


I bet you already know that Paris is considered a shopping haven. The moment you hear about Paris, you can never take “shopping” out of the picture. Being one of the premiere shopping cities in the world, Paris is every shopper’s heaven here on earth. And because your Paris trip wouldn’t be complete without souvenirs to remind you of this majestic city, you can opt to shop at Paris’ wide range of stores which will make you love the city all the more.

If you’re into designer fashion and haute couture, you will most likely enjoy the shops found along the famous Triangle d’Or. It houses the finest haute couture shops such as Dior, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Ferragamo, and a lot more. For your trendy finds, you can set foot towards the Champs Elysees and shop at Sephora, Zara, and the famous Louis Vuitton flagship store. Most of these shops are open from 10AM to 7PM, Monday through Saturday.

Fashion boutiques of world-renowned designers can also be found on Paris’ Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore and Avenue Montaigne in the

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Fashion Designer Jobs


Fashion designing has always been a popular choice of young men and women all over the world. Stylish and well paid, these jobs would help you to gauge the pulse of the changing fashions in fashion capitals like New York and Paris. Fashion designing would teach you to consider clothes as a strong expression of one’s persona and style statement rather than just protection of the body. Fashion can make a person feel confident and strong as it has a bearing on the personality of the wearer.

There is a bevy of option son fashion designing including haute couture, wedding dresses, sports wear and fashion design among others. There are various reputed fashion institutes from where you can fine hone your aesthetic sense and innovation. A successful fashion designer should have an open mind and an eye for details. Customized fashion styling would help you to remain in the race.

Fashion designing has huge demand in the contemporary world where fashion is a potent weapon. As long as there are style- conscious, men and women on this planet the

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Shopping Tips


When it comes to shopping sometimes the $20 sandals flatter you more than the $400 designer sandals. Style is not in the price, but in your approach. You can get more for less if you are savvy about your shopping. Fashionable finds are possible for under $25. How do you do it? Here are 10 Tips to think about when you’re out on a shopping expedition:

1. You Can Find Deals in Unexpected Places.

I got a purse for a steal at a Nine West shoe store in New Jersey. Not a shop I would normally think of to buy a purse. But I spotted it in the front window and fell in love. (Although maybe not as deeply as with my husband.) When I went into the store to ask a sales clerk about it, I thought this gorgeous tan satchel would be expensive. It looks like something that would be appropriate in Grace Kelly’s or Audrey Hepburn’s wardrobe closet. But now it’s in my closet.

2. Set Your Budget and Stick with It.

Yes, you’ve probably

Top 4 Coffee Shops in Paris

Coffee shops are ubiquitous. Parisian coffee shops are some of the coziest coffee shops in the world. Providing a peaceful environment for studying or catching up with good friends, these coffee shops provide a temperate and inexpensive backdrop to do so. The following coffee shops shine above them all:

1. Laduree– Opening the door to any Parisian coffee shop will immediately teach you that Parisian coffee shops are very different from most American coffee shops. This coffee shop welcomes you with aromas of baked goods the moment you walk in. This shop is most famous for its delicious macaroons. The building itself is reminiscent of an old boutique, providing the perfect quaint environment for an evening cappuccino or tea. Prices are a bit higher than a typical coffee shop, but all loyal customers will agree that the experience is well worth the extra Euros.

2. Angelina– The diner’s rule of thumb for French restaurants is the longer the line, the better the food and service. Angelina is no exception. The wait is surprisingly brief, and once you are inside, you will be glad you exercised a bit of patience. In

Places To Shop In Paris

Paris is the capital of fashion and design trends. For Parisians fashion and design is like a ‘walk in the park’, thus making Paris the reigning centre for trend-setting fashions. Making a list of shopping areas and boutiques in Paris is no easy task because all centres are almost equal in popularity. Shopping is one of the main reasons for Paris to draw millions of visitors every year, and given below are some the leading shopping districts and shops.

1) Place de lopper & Boulevard Hausmann

These are two popular streets in Paris which hosts massively large departmental stores like Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. Like most popular stores they too feature designer collections, gourmet foods, household goods, jewellery, hardware and much more. The Printemps Department store also boasts of a large rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Paris. Visitors choose this shopping area as anything they desire is available here. Boulevard Hausmann is about 2.5 kilometres and is one of the tree-lined boulevards in Paris.

2) Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore

This is relatively a narrow street when compared to the rest in Paris. However,

Shopping in Paris

Shopping in Paris is the ultimate experience for any shopaholic. From huge department stores like Printemps, the largest beauty department in the world, to tiny antique shops on the cobbled streets of Montmartre, there is something to delight every visitor and suit every budget.

Paris is considered the center of world fashion and haute couture, and has many designer boutiques and stores offering clothes, bags and shoes with that designer touch of ‘je ne sais quoi’. Wherever you go in Paris you will see local parisiennes immaculately turned out, looking chic and all done so effortlessly!

The most exclusive area to go shopping in Paris is along the chic Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. Fashion houses such as Cartier, Chanel and Christian Lacroix, are all in this area.

The Champs-Elysees also has a mix of high fashion and budget Paris shopping. Les Halles is an underground shopping center with over one hundred stores where budget knock-offs of Parisian chic fashion can be swooped on. Still on a bargain theme, the Paris flea markets offer a great choice of European antiques and the most dedicated buyers arrive at 5am

The Way to Shop in Paris

You have a broad array of shopping centers in Paris to select. Paris has an array of kitchenware, discount shopping, fashion shops, art holds, antique malls, department stores, jewelry shops, bookstores and more. Paris has a decision to use music holds, perfume and cosmetics, souvenir shops, China and Glassware keeps, malls, Lingerie shops and so forth. Irrespective what you like, Paris has a product to suit you.

How to select keeps:

When opting for holds in Paris it is better to shop around. If you know what you would like, then shop at the keeps that sell your items. For example, if you are looking for antiques, check our Paris’s Antique malls. If you plan to carry souvenirs home then shop at the keeps where souvenirs are sold.

If you want, a variety visits Paris’s discount shopping malls, department stores, and so on. When searching for designers you may wish to visit Paris’s popular Alain Figaret mall. The store has a wide array of clothing, including shirts and blouses for men and women. The holds have a decision to use fabulous silk ties for men and scarves

Shopping Rome Tours

Many visitors to Rome plan to visit all the sights and never think about shopping much except for things they need to purchase or souvenir shops. Well, Rome is a popular hubbub of fashion with shops that you will not find in the touristy areas. A matter of fact you may not even find the shops at all.

The best way to find all those quaint and unique shops around Rome is with a custom shopping tour. An expert shopper will be at your side taking you to all the shops that you wish to browse and purchase unique items you can only find in Italy or at least where you can find the original designer of those items you buy elsewhere.

A great company offering tailor made shopping tours is Rome Tour. They have trained professional drivers, tour guides, and yes, even an expert shopper among their awesome team. They will help create a custom shopping experience including all the type of shops you wish to visit such as wine merchants, antique shops, fashion boutiques, silk shops, artisan shops, leather shops, jewelry stores, and Catholic stores.

Has A Fashion Apparel Bubble Burst

Walking the local mall this past weekend, and going through one store after another, watching customers, and how they were reacting to merchandise, it was hard to escape the thought that fashion apparel retailing is in trouble. Customers passing by stores, looking in windows and doorways, indifferent to what they are seeing. Customers in stores, aimlessly touching garments as they move through the store without purpose. Customers leaving stores empty handed, without making a purchase.

And as I shopped for myself, I felt what I was observing in these customers, men and women, young and old; there’s nothing compelling, there’s no urgency, it’s just… stuff.

Of all the major retail segments, perhaps only jewelry is under more duress than fashion apparel. Nothing except jewelry has seemingly become more discretionary than fashion apparel. Shopping fashion right now feels like witnessing the after affects of a retail bubble having burst.

In the last 20 to 25 years, fashion apparel retailing exploded with new concepts, segments and retailers. Money was readily available and consumers hopped on the fashion train, and went along for the ride. Shopping these stores now is

Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Fashion

No matter how good do you feel about your wardrobe, there is always a little room for upgradation and improvement. Let your inner fashionista upgrade your wardrobe to bring some spice, spunk and flavor to your current closet. If you know how to mix and match things then most probably it will take your fashion to a whole new level. Prior to upgrading your fashion wardrobe, carefully think what you need, what you owe and what new trends you need to incorporate in your wardrobe.

1. Wardrobe Analysis

Carefully look at your current wardrobe. Donate things that have not been worn for a few years. If you have not worn any outfit for 12 months, it is obvious that you are not going to throw on it anymore. However, you can keep your old long skirts that can go well with versatile tops. Sort out any items that are awaiting repair and take them to tailor. Your tailor can update and repair items, for instance your long skirts or pants that need a little altering. Your friends will help you find a good tailor.

2. Know the

Fashion Marketing

Are you a trendsetter? Do you find yourself on the cutting edge of fashion? If so, you may find fashion marketing a perfect career fit.

Fashion marketers generate interest in new styles and products, connecting the public with the world of fashion. In a nutshell, they promote fashion.

On the business side, fashion marketers analyze and implement sales strategies, perform inventory control and cost analysis, and stay mindful of profits and losses. On the art side, fashion marketers are creative and innovative, they recognize good clothing when they see it, and they have the ability to sell it to the public.

Typical fashion marketing responsibilities include: attending fashion shows and visiting designer showrooms; placing orders for clothing and estimating the amount of inventory needed; arranging for the receiving, storage, and display of merchandise; pricing clothes; designing visual displays and ad campaigns and promotions; consulting with fashion designers and consumers; keeping tabs on profits and losses; maintaining the physical appearance of a store; and hiring and training new employees.

Ultimately, fashion marketers are the ones who figure out how to get people to buy fashion

About Keeping Up With Teenager Fashions

The teenagers of today not only have to keep up with the pressures of their lifestyles, such as demands for them to be singing, dancing and academic whiz kids, but also to maintain a fashion image that meets or goes beyond that of their peers! Going online is a great way to view what is happening in the Boutique world. Browse the latest stunning clothes from classy dresses to outright fashion statements. Teenagers need a time out, to relax and be encouraged to wear what makes them feel comfortable when with their friends. Whether dressed to kill or cool casual, as a teenager, you want that feeling of growing up and the clothes to match.

Being a teenager, could in various ways be compared to living between two different worlds; grownups and kids! You have your own ways and means of communicating, your own jokes and sometimes complex behavior patterns that leave most other age groups, especially parents, bothered and bewildered. However, the main thing is that you feel good about yourself and this is always helped by your particular talent for fashion. You are going to put being different in the face

Fashions For All Bodies

If there were one thing that you could change about your body, what would it be? Many people want to change a number of things, not just one. People of all sizes are unhappy with their bodies, from feeling too thin or too large, big or small chested, to wanting more or less in their backside. Not everyone has time to exercise daily, nor can people afford cosmetic surgery. Many will then express feelings of hopelessness where it feels like things will never change. You cannot change your body but the way it looks can definitely be changed.

The simple answer is fashion and clothing. Many people feel that fashion trends are reserved for models or unrealistically attractive people, which is unfortunate. Fashion trends are not just for “perfect” models, but for the average person as well.

It is important to realize that fashion may come in many different sizes, shapes and styles. For different sizes of people there are different fashion trends that fit the shape of the body. Below is a short summary of some of those fashion trends.

A petite body type would be

What to Look for in a Great Shopping

If you want an excellent shopping center experience, you may do well to go off the beaten track. When you take yourself away from the crowds and into smaller local settings, you can find a lot of excitement and offerings that you would never see in a large generic shopping mall setting. Finding a local bazaar or market can be a very exciting event in anyone’s travel experience.

Some shopping centers are open markets where local people offer their wares, culinary specialties and local art and fashions. Other shopping centers are large well-built and designed constructions offering well known and fashionable items from around the world, side by side with popular and luxurious dining opportunities. Of course, there are all kinds of shopping experiences in between these two extremes. The type of shopping center you choose or stumble upon will vary from one location to the next. The best thing you can do is be open to every experience that presents itself to you to make the most of your vacation.

For travelers, shopping centers that are located out in the open are obviously the ones that will be visited

How the Latest Fashion Trends

Most women struggle to understand fashion and look great all the time. While to some this may come easy, to most it doesn’t. Most of us take forever to decide what to wear each morning, but we want to look our best at all times whether we are going for a glamorous night out or to the corner shop.

While we are children, the majority of the time, our parents decide on what we wore, as teenagers we just follow trends as it is, it is no surprise that as adults we have not come to know or developed our own style. One option for many of us is to get help with our style is to hire a personal stylist or shopper. But most people can not afford that option, great if you can, but for the majority of us we have to look at other options. So another option would be to understand and research how to develop your own style.

Nowadays the media is so much on the fashion industry. There are hundreds and thousands of fashion designers all over the world creating and manufacturing new designs

All About Trendy Fashion Jewellery

There are so many online jewellery shops these days. Most of them sell different jewellery designs that have very appealing colors with many different styles. A lot of people have embraced the use of them to enhance their everyday looks and celebrities have also not been left behind in this trend.

The only way a business can gain international presence is by having a successful online business. Business people have understood this very important factor. Most of them are refusing to be left behind when it comes to advertising their jewellery products.

It is very hard for a lot of people to personally go shopping these days because of their hectic schedules. This however is not a major problem because you can do this online and still maintain a stylish and new look everyday. If you do not want to be left behind, ensure you catch up with the television shows that highlight the new different designs and where you can get them.

The Internet and online shopping has made most people lives simpler because they do not have to leave their homes or busy schedules to

Back to School Shopping

Back to school shopping can be a wonderful time to educate your children about humane treatment of animals. One of the worst and most offensive industries concerning animal welfare is the fur industry. Although the United States has a ban on the use of cat or dog fur, it is allowed in several other countries including China, and dog and cat fur has been illegally imported and used for clothing in the United States. The fur industry is barbaric and brutal. In order to get a pelt that looks nice, healthy animals endure horrific violent deaths which may include being clubbed to death or multiple electrocutions. As many as 45 million animals are used annually for fur, and many of these animals are raised inhumanely and endure tremendous suffering during their short lifespan.

Fortunately, there is an exciting movement within the retail industry to boycott the fur industry. More and more retailers and designers are adopting fur-free policies. They either sell no fur or they sell only faux fur (something made with synthetic products, not animals.) The Humane Association of the United States maintains a list of “fur-free” retailers and designers. The list

Shopping in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur ranks as one of the top shopping destinations in Asia. As all budgets are catered for, you will be enticed to shop till you drop! You can also expect both a fantastic variety of products as well as value for money. From designer labels to home-grown brands, even the discerning shopper will be spoiled for choice. But you may like to bring home something typically Malaysian, in which case, spare some time to shop for ethnic crafts. A wide range can be found at the Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex and the Central Market.

Among the recommended items are batik (hand-painted or in block motifs available in traditional and contemporary designs, available as pareos, sarongs, scarves, shirts or dresses); songket (cloth intricately handwoven with silver or gold thread); silver items (jewellery, tableware and other home adornments); pewterware (various decorative and functional items); woodcarvings (aboriginal); pottery and ceramic (the choice is mind-boggling, but look out for Sarawak pottery or the Perak labu sayong); and weaved products (from practical bags to trinket boxes).

Places to shop include countless spick-and-span shopping complexes, duty-free shops, department stores, hypermarkets and handicraft centres to make-shift

Before Shopping Fashion Jewelry

Along with classic window shopping, you may want to think of attempting to shop or at a minimum take a look at fashion jewelry items online. Shopping online has become ever more popular than the traditional window-shopping, partially due to the convenience associated with the experience. Shopping online is definitely a perfect way to extend your product choice and realize really serious savings all at the same time.

Nowadays, online shopping has become appreciated and utilized by all social and age groups, as being a perfect alternative to crowded, schedule limited jewelry shops. And why shouldn’t it be so popular when it saves you precious time, effort, and money? Imagine having to find a special necklace or a pair of earrings just a few days from such holidays as Christmas, when all the jewelry stores are invaded by hundreds of people just as busy as you. Senseless hours being wasted perusing through overpriced jewelry being sold by commissioned sales associates.

Of course, the best feature of online jewelry shopping is that the prices are usually much lower than brick and mortar shops. Usually Online Fashion Jewelry Sores do not have

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City Information

Antwerp is a city and a metropolis in Belgium, and the capital of Antwerp region in Flanders, which is one of three major provinces of Belgium. In consensus to the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA), the harbors of Antwerp was the seventeenth biggest port in the world in 2005 and was rated as the second in rank to Rotterdam in Europe. Significantly, it manages high quantity of inexpensively engaging common, unspecific and strategic cargo, as well as bulk cargo. Antwerp’s harbors, with five oil rigs, are dwelling to a huge supply of petrochemical trade, second only to the petrochemical group in Houston, Texas. Antwerp’s other enormous pillar is the diamond trade. The city has four diamond stock market; one for bort or imperfectly shaped or crystallized diamonds of different grades of denseness, and three for top grade quality items. Since the World War II relations of the huge Hasidic Jewish civic society have controlled over Antwerp’s diamond tradeoff market.

Tourist Attraction – Antwerp offers heaps of attractive tourist spots that are worth seeing for; and worth writing for; on your memoir, when you are in this glittering